Which QR Codes catch your eye?

Designer Codes and Bulk Generation

The Designer QR Codes shown above have the sort of color and design that gets noticed, making the difference between a potential customer ignoring it or being intrigued enough to follow the link. We offer Design Services as well as Bulk Generation to fit all your needs.


Professional Graphics

If you already have a Designer QR Code, customized for your business, we can use your existing artwork to make your code compatible with a batch processing engine.

Or, if you need heavy-duty, expert design services to create your code, we suggest our partner firm SET QR, who pioneered the Designer QR Code concept. Take a look at their incredible gallery of Designer QR Codes here We can work with them for you, or you can contact them directly through the SET QR website, here.

Designer QR Code examples


From 10 to 1,000,000

If you have a Designer QR Code for your business, you may want to use that as a template for generating multiple copies of that same design, but each with slightly different content. Some examples include Almost any design seen here can be generated in bulk, and delivered in a variety of ways. You can Other delivery systems are available... contact us with your specific needs, and we'll come up with the solution that's right for you!


Past Customers

Batch processing solutions are typically delivered in two ways: as a web-based generator, available for the customer to use as needed, or generated by us at the customer's request and delivered en masse. Here are two examples, real customers, that illustrate the difference.

Web Based Generator

Web Generator Case Study When Custom Residential, a boutique real estate office in New Zealand, wanted to dress up their listings they decided to use a designer QR code instead of the standard "black and white checkerboard" style. We offered a low-cost solution that includes a password protected, on-line generator, available for their exclusive use anytime they publish a new listing. They simply type in the location of the listing on their website and a title for the file, press "Process", and in a second or two the customized QR Code is available for download.

Since they are a fairly low volume user, the costs to set up the generator and maintain it were kept low enough to suit their budget.

Bulk Generation

Batch Case Study When the French company Faguo wanted to promote their line of shoes, they turned to the BookBeo agency to set up an event. They decided to host the "Faguo Poursuite" (Faguo Pursuit), a treasure hunt with dozens of handbills posted around Canal St. Martin in Paris. Each handbill would contain a Faguo themed QR code (the "?" codes), which could be scanned for a clue to the next location. At the end, participants could scan another QR code design for a gift.

To implement this, BookBeo needed about 80 QR Codes built around the question mark and gift box themes, each with slightly different content. Together with SETQR, we were able to provide them with the designs and batch processing to meet their needs in short order.


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