Why Bulk Processing?
If you have a Designer QR Code for your business, you may want to use that as a template for generating multiple copies of that same design, but each with slightly different content. Some examples include
  • If you use it on your employee business cards or marketing materials, they could each have a copy that points directly to their page in the company directory. Or the code could directly contain contact information for that specific person (Vcard format)
  • A realtor might want the QR Code for each new listing to point to a specific page on their website for that property
  • Tagging your products when shipping; the QR Code could point to information about that particular batch, like the batch number and it's point of origin
  • Various promotions and contests. A customer in Paris recently sponsored a "treasure hunt", where participants scanned about 80 different QR Codes posted around the city for clues to get to the final destination (the store) where they could scan another one, randomly, in hope of winning a prize. See our Case Studies.
  • ... and so many more
Almost any design (below are just a few examples) can be generated in bulk, and delivered in a variety of ways. You can
  • Just send us a list of your desired content, we generate the lot and send back. Best if you only need to generate once
  • If you need to generate "on demand", consider our web site solution... your own, customized web page, hosted on our servers, that would allow you to generate what you need at any time of night or day. Either one at a time or upload a list of many and download the resulting set all at once
Other delivery systems are available... contact us with your specific needs, and we'll come up with the solution that's right for you!